Electrical Wire Length and Mass (EWLM) Calculation Tool

To Calculate Length & mass of Wires in Electrical harnessing Assembly using CATIA model, the program tool is a third party add-on which runs in tandem with CATIA V5 R18 using which a user/designer can calculate the length of 3D space wires on the click of a button. CAD

This program help designer to enhance its efficiency and productivity while conducting activities related to Electrical Harness Installation in Helicopters.

The tool helps in reducing the overall calculation time substantially as designer does not have to manually derive the length property from individual wire.

This tool is very useful especially for complex Electrical Harness assemblies’ where a designer need to generate a report containing parameters like Name, Part Number, Color, From Device (Connector), To Device (Connector), Length (mm) and mass(Kgm) for each individual electrical wire.

Aerofoil Profile Smoothening using Spline (APSS) Program

The concerned designer responsible for design and development of Aerofoil's works on Coordinate data of each section profile of an aerofoil. The coordinate data (2D Points) is henceforth used to generate profile shape

The generated profile is then required to be smoothened without much distributing the actual path and within the tolerance limits. To smooth the profile manually it takes enormous time as a designer used to work on various iterations to achieve desired result.

The APSS tool
It is developed with an intention to reduce design and development activities through automation on CATIA.

Electro Avionic – Manage Links

The major objective of developing this tool is to cross verify content of XML files with Electrical Harness Assembly on CATIA V5.

The department maintains the data of Electrical Harness Assembly in XML format.

The tool compares the details of Assembly in XML file with CATIA file and provides the results of comparison stating the details of existing, missing and changed parts.

The Electro-Avionic Tool
This tool helps the designer or user to evaluate the authenticity of CATIA’s Electrical Harness Assembly automatically without manually checking both the files (XML and CATIA file).

Component Placement with Automation Tool (CPAT)

The various components fasteners or standards like rivets, bolts etc. are used to butt the two or more parts of an assembly.

Therefore CPAT was developed to provide an ease to modeler or a designer to automatically place components on the desired locations in an assembly. CPAT is easy to use and reduces manual efforts considerably.

CPAT is an interactive tool where a user can inputs the parameters through dialog box to place the components on a part or assembly according to design.

Surface Smoothing

To provide automation solution for smoothing the surface so as to improve the geometry, surface irregularities, non- tangent curves and sharp edges.

This automation solution generates a 3D CAD model of the surface after smoothing.

It provides the two different options for the creation of the smooth surface, which can be used to get the desired and optimum result.

The basic process for making a surface smooth is quite laborious and time consuming, so this automation solution follows the same steps and provide result in a very less time.

An option of maximum deviation in the command dialogue box enables the deviation of the smoothened surface from the baseline surface within the tolerance or as per requirement.

Pipe Bending Data

To provide automation solution for the compilation of the pipe bend data from the 3D CAD model so as to save time, removing errors and hence increasing the productivity.

This automation solution generates all the following necessary information required for the pipe bending data :-

Feed – It defines the length of the section of pipe till the next bend.
Rotate – It defines the plane angle between the two consecutive pipe sections.
Bend Radius – It defines the value of the radius for the bend.
Bend Angle – It defines the bend angle between the two consecutive pipe sections.

This data can be directly exported to file or drawing so as to be used for further operations.

Involute Spur Gear

Automatic creation of Involute Spur Gear through the software with the help of input values.

This software is a very helpful tool for the Design Engineers who are designing gears in CATIA V5. Using this software design engineers can create gear in very less time by just entering the input values in the software. Currently this software only creates Involute Spur Gear but we are working on bevel and helical gears as well.